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Green Aventurine Angular Gemstone Pipe - The Prosperity Stone



Green aventurine comes from the Italian word "a ventura", or "by chance". Green aventurine is a gemstone of good fortune, believed to attract wealth. It is a vitality stone.

All angular gemstone pipes are hand carved and naturally one-of-a-kind.

  • All stones are hand selected for color, quality, and distinction. Small inclusions, feathers, and brushstrokes are inherent to natural stones and may be found on pipes.
  • Pipes can be cleaned with water, a sprinkle of alcohol, and a pipe cleaner.
  • Naturally non-porous stones keep the pipe cool to the touch, allowing a smooth finish and the perfect draw.
  • Pipes are only available to be shipped to the following states:
    IL, VT, ME, WA, MI, NV, AK, CO, CA, OR, MA
  • Not for use with illicit or illegal substances.
  • MUST BE 21 or over to purchase.