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LINK UP offers Men's Accessories for Guys, Grooms, Groomsmen, Grads, Dads & Lads including cufflinks, tie bars, bracelets, collar stays, knives, manicure sets, bottle openers & gifts. Sartorial elegance for the jet-setting man of mystery with detailed style.   An eclectic mix of cufflinks in electroplated rhodium and electroplated 14k gold with a range of elegant details, such as hand-painted enamel; brushed, burnished or sandblasted metal finishes; and antique detailing. LINK UP also offers a wide selection of collar stays and a mix of leather accessories.

The unique designs in the LINK UP collection serve not only a function, but also bring fun into the everyday wardrobe. Humor and wit are always a big part of the design process, but style is never sacrificed. At LINK UP you’ll find contemporary classics and fashion must-haves, but most likely the piece you come away with will be the one you never expected to find – like the fishing reel cufflinks or the “Stay Stiff” collar stays. These are the pieces that spark conversations, are gifts to remember, and become life-long keepsakes.