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Two-Tone Bird-in-Hand Cufflinks



A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two on the Cuff.

We just made that up, but we do know that it's always good to go through life with a daily reminder of the importance of valuing what you have instead of what's unattainable. These two-tone enamel cufflinks are a perfect accent piece to accomplish just that. Whether he's wearing them at the office as a reminder to work hard and set goals or wearing them out for a night at the club to remind himself that the woman of his dreams is not a go-go dancer, these unique cufflinks are sure to start conversations while also keeping him grounded.

  • Metal cufflinks with a durable anti-tarnish finish
  • Packaged in a black angled box that's gift-ready and perfect for storage
  • Expertly crafted cufflinks with novelty cufflink humor