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Penguin Cufflinks with Dapper Bowtie



Suited-Up Penguin Cufflinks

He loves black tie and loathes it at the same time. He's happy to put on his tuxedo and take his true love out for a beautiful night, but he spends the entire time joking about how he has to put on his penguin suit. Acknowledge his playful humor and his fun sense of style with these delightful penguin cufflinks. Each penguin cufflink is detailed with pigmented enamel and given the finishing touch of a dapper bow tie. These are perfect gift cufflinks for the whimsical wedding groom.

  • Metal cufflinks with a durable anti-tarnish rhodium finish
  • Packaged in a blue, angled-box that's gift-ready and perfect for storage
  • Expertly crafted cufflinks with novelty cufflink humor