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Gunmetal Pirate Skull Cufflinks



Aye, Matey. It's Dress Like a Pirate Day.

He's the man who takes Òtalk like a Pirate day" seriously. Very seriously. You'd describe his style as Jack Sparrow meets James Bond. It's a little bit all over place while at the same time being entirely sexy and rock star fashionable. Detailed skull cufflinks are the ultimate pirate accessory, but they're modernized with a gunmetal finish for the contemporary man. These cufflinks are a great way to differentiate a suited-up look, but they're also fantastic conversation starters for crisp white cuffs at cocktail hour.

  • Metal cufflinks with a durable anti-tarnish finish
  • Packaged in a black angled box that's gift-ready and perfect for storage
  • Expertly crafted cufflinks with novelty cufflink humor